Download e-book for iPad: Applications of Logic Databases by Oris Friesen, Gilles Gauthier-Villars (auth.), Raghu

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By Oris Friesen, Gilles Gauthier-Villars (auth.), Raghu Ramakrishnan (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461359260

ISBN-13: 9781461359265

ISBN-10: 1461522072

ISBN-13: 9781461522072

The premise at the back of constructing strong declarative database languages is compelling: via permitting clients to specify their queries (and their integrity constraints) in a transparent, non-operational manner, they make the user's job more uncomplicated, and supply the database approach with extra possibilities for optimization. Relational database platforms provide a awesome facts that this premise is certainly legitimate. the most well-liked relational question language, SQL, relies upon relational algebra and calculus, i.e., a small fragment of first-order good judgment, and the convenience of writing queries in SQL (in comparability to extra navigational languages) has been a tremendous consider the economic good fortune of relational databases. it really is recognized that SQL has a few very important obstacles, even with its luck and recognition. particularly, the question language is non-recursive, and help for integrity constraints is restricted. certainly, spotting those difficulties, the newest common, SQL-92, presents elevated help for integrity constraints, and it really is expected that the successor to the SQL-92 normal, referred to as SQL3, RECURSIVE UNION operation [1]. good judgment database structures have will contain a focused on those extensions to the relational database paradigm, and a few platforms (e.g., Bull's DEL prototype) have even included object-oriented gains (another extension more likely to look in SQL3).

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We also extended the LDL++ system to interface with Prolog. , top-down (Prolog) and bottom-up (LDL), and procedural data manipulation using C++. Our implementation includes interfaces to Ingres™1 and Oracle™ database management systems (DBMSs) using Extensible Services Switches (ESSs) lIngres is a trademark of Ask, Inc. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corp. DB/2 is a trademark of International Business Machines Corp. Sybase is a trademark of Sybase Corp. Any omissions were inadvertant.

For example, explosives may not be stored close to office buildings, flammable goods have to be located at the end of a row so that fire brigades can easily access them, etc. 2 The Problem of Placement of Containers Let us assume that one manages a container yard, that is, a storage area where containers holding different goods are stored in places referred to as slots. Each slot is defined by its coordinates. While managing the yard, placement rules must be applied. So, once some dangerous goods are stored in a slot, the surrounding slots must not contain goods of certain kinds.

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Applications of Logic Databases by Oris Friesen, Gilles Gauthier-Villars (auth.), Raghu Ramakrishnan (eds.)

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