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By Natalie Goldstein

ISBN-10: 1604131438

ISBN-13: 9781604131437

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Each snake has a pouch on the roof of its mouth called a vomeronasal organ, or Jacobson’s organ, that can recognize the “taste” of a nearby prey animal. The snake’s flicking tongue picks up particles in the air and then carries them 54 AnimAl huntinG And FeedinG A rattlesnake can use its tongue to taste the air for nearby prey. This Mojave rattlesnake in Arizona is in a defensive posture. to the pouch. A sensory organ in the pouch tells the snake if prey is nearby. Scent Many animals hunt using their keen sense of smell.

Then it slices through the plant tissue with its sharp bottom front teeth. Its tongue moves the food back toward the grinding molars. Plant food is difficult to chew and digest. Think about it: For plants to stand upright, they must be made of strong material. This tough plant material is called cellulose. Browsers and grazers need large, strong grinding teeth to break down cellulose. They also need special enzymes and bacteria in their digestive tracts to digest it. Plant food is so difficult to digest that some animals eat the same food twice.

They can spot insects flitting through the air and change course to catch them on the wing. Visible light is only a small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Some animals can see light waves that are invisible to humans. For example, bees have keen vision in the ultraviolet range, where light waves are shorter than the light we can see. Flowers that are pollinated by bees often have ultraviolet “guidelines” on the petals that humans cannot see. But bees can see these guidelines, and they follow these pathways into the flower to eat the nectar.

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Animal Hunting and Feeding by Natalie Goldstein

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