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It is very easy to do without. The feet rest on the lower part of the table which is bare. (Fig. ) The triangular pillow should also be used on the delivery table. From her position the parturient must be able to watch the delivery of her baby. Pure oxygen must, of course, be available. We found the AIRMED transparent oxygen masks very pleasant and effective * (Fig. 9). , East Industrial Estate, Harlow, Essex, England. FIG. —Expulsion. The patient is on the delivery table. Her back rests on a triangular pillow.

From a resigned and passive woman who, by ignorance, had admitted pain in childbirth as an inevitable fact, she will become the conscious actor in the most beautiful fight in life, the fight for giving life. SECOND LECTURE : Physiology of Respiration The connections between breathing, pregnancy and parturition are stressed. After explaining the importance of oxygen in life, in muscular and nervous metabolism, the 38 PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH elimination of C0 2 is described. A good oxygénation is important for the pregnant woman because : (a) her own metabolism is increased ; (b) her foetus gets its oxygen through the maternal blood.

In the multiparae, as is well known, the duration is much shorter. At Night : it is wise to keep her and let her sleep in the maternity hospital, where she will feel more secure. In all cases, she should not, at this time, be given the impression that she is in full labour, but rather should she understand that these are but the first signs and that, consequently, she can pursue her activities without fear or difficulty. In all cases, it is better to keep her hospitalized and under control. A. Less than Five Centimetres of Dilatation Allow the patient as much liberty as possible, reading, writing, knitting, playing cards with other expectant women in the entertainment lobby.

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