An Introduction to Human Blood Groups - download pdf or read online

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  • February 16, 2018
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By M.D. Fulton Roberts

ISBN-10: 1483256758

ISBN-13: 9781483256757

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The presumption of d's existence is a matter of convenience in exposition and will be maintained, but it is necessary always to bear in mind that the existence of d is not proved, 36 HUMAN BLOOD GROUPS A general element of doubt should also be voiced at this point. All t h a t is said in this chapter about the R h complex represents a working hypothesis widely accepted for some years. Some recent observations, not entirely consistent with this hypothesis, have cast some doubt over the matter. But this hesitation should not prevent the reader from enjoying this exposition until a substantially revised synthesis becomes generally accepted.

I n all major respects other t h a n those mentioned the disease is comparable, whether provoked by anti-D or anti-A or anti-B. INCOMPATIBLE TRANSFUSION The existence of the natural forms of anti-A and anti-B imposes a very strict practice upon blood transfusion if incompatibility and its consequences are to be avoided. I t is most important to ensure t h a t no red cells enter the circulation of a patient who carries an antibody against these cells. The most important antibodies to be ascertained and guarded against are anti-A and anti-B.

In other words the genes determining these antigens were alleles (like D and d) so that 33 34 HUMAN BLOOD GROUPS one or other, but not both, could be inherited from a parent and occupy the appropriate site on the chromosome. He called these two alleles, and the antigens they determine, C and c, no doubt because A and B were already in use as blood group symbols. Having explained the reactions of the first and fourth antibodies in this way, Fisher supposed that, as the reactions of the second and third antibodies were not opposite to each other, two further antibodies might be encountered having reactions antithetical to numbers 2 and 3.

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