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Anyone can see. 59A He snaps it closed quickly, before IN. RUSSELL's ROOM -- NIGHT 59A Russell plays acoustic guitar, a notebook cradled on his lap. Trying to write. It's coming slowly. Shot moves off him, past a flickering television, onto Penny who silently and intently watches Russell as if he's a rare and beautiful bird. He looks over at her - she turns away quickly. He goes back to work. Tries to catch her watching him again. She turns away just in time. 60 INT. v. radio. William on the bed, a thick local phone book on his lap.

Leslie. Leslie. Leslie. Leslie... Lesssssslie. Leslie. Leslie. She continues saying it until it no longer has meaning. finally she sits next to him. And PENNY (cont'd) (beat) Now. Have I helped you get that off your chest? They kiss. 60B INT. WILLIAM'S HOTEL ROOM - SAME TIME 60B The girls continue their settling-in process. SAPPHIRE Opie, can I order room service? The nickname "Opie" re-opens a nagging wound. up, and begins to dial again. Polexia hangs WILLIAM Okay. You guys. Wait. Put down the phone, Polexia.

On the Night Circus. It's Quince, with Stillwater. "Love Thing" takes over, as Quince swivels in the chair. QUINCE (cont'd) I thought that went well. 66 INT. RENTAL CAR -- NIGHT 66 Adrenalized laughter. The whole band is crammed into a mediumsized rental car. Penny half on William's lap, half on Russell's. RUSSELL (to William) See, this is what nobody writes about! The in-between times! This! Us! Right now!! 67 INT. WILLIAM'S HOTEL ROOM 67 The phone is ringing. Estrella emerges from the bathroom with no make-up and a t-shirt.

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