A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality - download pdf or read online

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By David J. Fekete

ISBN-10: 0875861954

ISBN-13: 9780875861951

ISBN-10: 0875862446

ISBN-13: 9780875862446

ISBN-10: 0875862454

ISBN-13: 9780875862453

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Nothing keeps our interest up like uncertainty. Our tormented hearts keep us working, bringing flowers, writing cards, courting, calling on the phone and worrying about where we stand in our lady’s affections. Summing up his lessons on love, and showing his concern that both sexes find love, Ovid hopes that the sexual experience will be ecstasy for both the lovers and, in the spirit and style of the whole of his poetic work, play. Let the woman feel the act of love to her marrow, Let the performance bring equal delight to the two.

P. 177). But unfortunately, as in some of Ovid’s work, pretence finds its way into even this amorous climax — And if nature, alas! denies you the final sensation Cry out as if you had come, do your best to pretend. Really, I pity the girl whose place, let us say, cannot give her Pleasure it gives to the man, pleasure she ought to enjoy. So, if you have to pretend, be sure the pretence is effective, Do your best to convince, prove it by rolling your eyes, Prove it by your motions, your moans, your sighs, what a pleasure it gives you.

Arts are most needed as we try to discover what moves our partners best. 44 44 Chapter II. The Lover’s Coach and the Apple Fallen from Plato’s Tree: Ovid and Aristotle Only by intimately knowing our partners are we able to provide the stimulus that they will respond to, before, during, and after sex. In the act of sex, all the arts of love find their culmination. It is fitting that Ovid concludes his great manual on loving with a comment on the art of sex, with ecstasy either real or pretended.

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