Download e-book for iPad: A Referential Commentary and Lexicon to Homer, Iliad VIII by Adrian Kelly

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By Adrian Kelly

ISBN-10: 0199203555

ISBN-13: 9780199203550

ISBN-10: 1429498358

ISBN-13: 9781429498357

This ebook goals to supply the reader of Homer with the conventional wisdom and fluency in Homeric poetry which an unique historical viewers might have dropped at a functionality of this kind of narrative. in this case, Adrian Kelly provides the textual content of Iliad VIII subsequent to an equipment touching on the normal devices being hired, and offers a quick description in their semantic influence. He describes the referential curve of the narrative in a continual statement, tabulates all of the conventional devices in a separate lexicon of Homeric constitution, and examines serious judgements about the textual content in a dialogue which employs the referential process as a serious criterion. small appendices care for speech advent formulae, and with the normal functionality of right here and Athene in early Greek epic poetry.

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Extra resources for A Referential Commentary and Lexicon to Homer, Iliad VIII

Sample text

122: successful transition to offensive; ‘in beauty marvellous’ 123: negative quality in context ‘where? / whither? (II)’ 124: Greek reaction Hospitality reminder 87 (231–2): Greek obligation to Ag. ‘Zeus father’ 125 (236–41): frustration; limitation of understanding Prayer 126 (242–4): successful (if traditional); ‘fulfil for me this wish’ 127: vital carmini toti Response (<126): immediate Greek counteraction Bird omen 128 (247–50): immediate Greek reaction; favour from (and link with) Zeus Resolution of flight-phase (<32 [78–216 (251)]) Flight-phase 32 (252–319 [335]): Trojan retreat, wait for resolution; ‘more did they leap j and remember their battle-lust’ 129: link with 128; ‘no one j before’ 130: great importance for D.

Before’ 90: ironically true, but not as H. thinks ‘he pondered in twain’ 91 (167–8): D. will decide on retreat ‘thrice j thrice’ 92 (169–70): resolution (<91); Z. dominant, D. in danger, H. ) Claim of Zeus’ favour 98 (175–6): correct, but direct instruction to support claim (177–83)? 393) (11) j 199 (12) Referential Apparatus 27 ‘his horses he ordered’ 100: rebuke, tendance of team (Andromakhe; cf. below) Hospitality reminder 87: persuasive; relationship with Andromakhe ‘thumos drives’ 101: actuality of tendance ‘I claim to be’ 102: self-definition through Andr.

2 2, 3. Superscript letters distinguish between units in verses with more than one unit. 3 2. , 260: ‘Zeus has diYculty controlling his family . . This often makes him angry, and he blusters and threatens to use physical force. So now, having threatened he will hit them, he suggests a trial of strength, a celestial tug-of-war. ’ On the contrary, the threat of violence here is very real, and later on only just averted, but Willcock’s interpretation is fairly typical. Zeus’ aggression does seem unmotivated, but the poet is drawing upon the referential potential of both Here and Athene within the framework of the Succession Myth in order to emphasize the almost cosmological importance of the current Dios boule; cf.

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