Download e-book for iPad: A handbook of logic by Joseph Gerard Brennan

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  • February 17, 2018
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By Joseph Gerard Brennan

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For example, all the OO's may be dismissed as invalid, because The Syllogism (I) 55 of the rule forbidding two negative premises as well as the rule against two particular premises. All the EE's go out, because of the rule concerning two negative premises. The II's the IO's, and the OPs are eliminated by the rule concerning two particular premises. AAO is scratched by virtue of Rule 9; AlA by Rule 8, and so forth. After completing this process of elimination by simple inspection, we find that we have 12 Moods remaining which we may tentatively take to be valid.

Some non oysters do not have Oedipus complexes. 7. Martinis are not intoxicating. Nothing that is intoxicating is a Martini. 8. Some who repent are among those who are saved. Some who are saved fall outside the class of those who fall outside the class of those who repent. 9. Some Democrats understand farmers. Some who understand farmers are not non-Democrats. 10. Logic examples are tiresome. Those things which cannot properly be called tiresome cannot properly be called logic examples. I I. I love you.

But if the modern doctrine of the nonexistential import of general propositions holds (see p. 2 I), then it would appear that particular propositions cannot be inferred from general ones. For according to this doctrine, general propositions do not assert the existence of what they are talking about, while particular ones do. Such an analysis appears to compromise the validity of many of the simple propositional inferences illustrated above, as well as the correctness of a number of syllogistic inferences we have yet to examine.

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