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By Tony McMahon (Vessantara)

ISBN-10: 1899579850

ISBN-13: 9781899579853

A advisor to the Deities of the Tantra is an engaging perception right into a topic that has captivated the mind's eye of many yet is still mysterious and unique to all yet a few.

Tantric deities? who're they and what do they do?

This quantity makes a speciality of the deities whose mantra recitation and colourful visualizations lie on the center of the Tantra. We meet goddesses of knowledge, the prince of purity, the lotus-born guru Padmasambhava, and dakinis— wild-haired ladies who dance within the flames of freedom. All, the peaceable and the wrathful alike, urge the reader to wreck via to knowledge, stating the genuine nature of fact with uncompromising vigor.

Devoid of popular culture misperceptions, this advisor is a window into the occasionally mysterious global of Buddhist Tantra. Vessantara explores the foremost features of the Tantra during this magical fusion of the sensible and the imaginative—giving us a right away perception in into the poetry and the ability of the Tantra.

A much-published and well-respected Buddhist writer, meditator, and instructor, Vessantara is a senior member of the Western Buddhist Order. He holds a selected love for Tibetan Buddhism and is recognized as an efficient storyteller. this is often one among 3 volumes taking a look at Buddha figures within the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

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They will be carried up to a fresh vantage point, a new peak of their being. From that pinnacle they will see not a new ocean or a new planet, but a new reality. They will be reborn out of the infinite creativity of the Wisdom goddess, and will add their brilliance to the galaxy of golden Buddhas. 29 Vajrasattva Three Vajrasattva - Prince of Purity In meeting Vajrasattva (Tibetan Dorje Sempa) in this chapter, we are encountering for the first time a Buddha who does not appear in the Mahayana sutras, only in the tantras.

You could say that Vajrasattva represents the experience of that totally concentrated consciousness, the encounter with the clear light when it is accepted, when instead of running from it, you hold that experience to your heart. The second quality of things that are pure is that they are new, fresh, u n stained by experience. Advertisers talk of pure new wool, for example. 41 A Guide to the Deities of the Tantra The experience of purity is the experience of newness. Purification is always purification of the past.

15 The other two comm o n mantras can be given some rational explanation. " This comes at the end of the Heart Sutra, and is more generally associated with the Perfection of Wisdom literature than with the Wisdom goddess, though it does appear in some of her sadhanas. ' T h e mantra symbolizes a deepening apprehension of Reality. According to one tradition, its first four words correspond to the four levels of Sunyata. T h e first gate (pronounced gutt-ay) symbolizes going beyond samsara. T h e second represents the emptiness of the concept of nirvana, especially the view of Enlightenment as something distinct or separate from the phenomenal world.

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