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By 'Jam-mGon Kong-sPrul

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When you are free from ego-clinging, you have reached Buddhahood, so there is no need to enumerate the stages of development for this single way. If you want all the remedies that concern thorough enlightenment, they are all included in these four Dharmas. He also wrote: 1. 2. 3. 4. Adverse circumstances are spiritual fnends. Devils and demons the emanations of the Victor, Disease is the broom for evil and obscuration And suffering the treasury of Dharmadhatu. 58 60 These follr Dh11rmas for ever-present defilements Are needed to control barban┬Ěty The)" ure necessar)' in these deteriorating times In order to bear putiently evil associates and mistaken pructices.

All absorptions are effected in one. One absorption alone, that of never being divorced from the intention to be helpful to others, carries eating food, wearing clothes, sleeping, moving, sitting, everything on the path. One method wil correct all wrong. Examination itself is used to correct wrong examination. In the same way, employ the single corrective of exchanging yourself for others. " At the beginning and at the end, there are two things to do. " Throughout the day, remember and hold this attitude always.

If you are~'t able to help, chen chink and pray aloud: ''May chis sentient being or malefactor quickly be rid of pain and come to be happy. " When a god or demon troubles you, think: "This injury now occurs because I, from time without beginning, have inflicted injury on him. '' When you have given mentally your own body to 34 this malefactor, say, "Here, revel in my flesh and blood, or in whatever you desire,'' and meditate that through your complete mental renunciation of your own body this malefactor is filled with untainted happiness at being enriched with your flesh and blood, ere.

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